Kerry Stratton presents

at the Toronto Distillery District








Located at Dancemakers






G. F. Handel, Six pieces for Six Cellos (Instr. F. Haldenberg)


Air I


Air II


La Réjouissance


T. Albinoni, Adagio (arr. By W.Thomas-Mifune)


W.Fitzenhagen, Concert Waltz Op. 31 for Four Cellos


M.U. Sidiq, Memoirs for Three Cellos


H. Zimmer, The Burning Heart from Hannibal (arr. S. Bisson)


G.Walker, About Trains for Six Cellos:

I. On Track

II. Lonesome Whistle

III. Coming Round




J. S. Bach, Air on the G String (arr. G. Powning)


H. Schmidt, Rivers of the Windfall Light


S. Bisson, Snow in July


K. Wiłkomirski, Aria


G. Gershwin, Fragment for Four Cellos (arr. W.Thomas-Mifune)


D. Popper, Requiem for Six Cellos (arr. E&E Cello Music)


R. Rodgers, Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music




Acknowledgements for the programme - Special thanks to:


Bernadette Byrne, Beulah E. & Terrence Blain, Edward and Harriet Rice, Elizabeth Andrews,

Falun Dafa Association of Toronto, Frand & Eliana Iannucci, Hank Bordan, Hannelore Kaeser,

Jan Hartford, Keith Stoute, Marc Funkenhauser, Paolo and Catriona Busato,

Peeranut Visetsuth, Rebecca Davidson, Rita H. Schwerdt, Robert Bundy,

Sandra Kirby, Susan Prince, William Wiener.







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